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Michigan’s Premier 

Student Run VC Firm

We are the first full service venture capital firm at the world's #1 public university. We source, fund, and accelerate high growth startups.

Local Focus, Global Perspective

UpRound is in service of ventures created by University of Michigan students, alumni, and those who are on a mission to build really cool s***. We are a group of entrepreneurial students who work with startups because we believe in learning by doing. 

Join UpRound

Our members describe the decision to join UpRound as formative to their college experience. We are currently recruiting a new analyst class and encourage you to consider joining us by applying. Click the button below to learn how to meet us and apply by 2/3.

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Source - Fund - Accelerate


$100K For Startups

We invest out of our evergreen venture fund to startups we find could use some "barrier busting" capital in the early stage of their venture.

Student Run

UpRound members are the sole decision makers when making investment decisions, including deal terms and check sizes.

Community Supported

UpRound Fund is made up of capital from the University of Michigan, community partners, alumni, and partnered VC firms to be allocated over five year.

We Go Above and Beyond

Exclusive Career Pathways

We work with top firms and companies to provide career pathways and exposure to a variety of different industries.

Guaranteed Internship Program

A select few of our partners guarantee internships for our analyst and only pick from our member pool for their university programs.


We regularly host panels with industry leaders and expose our campus community to venture in any way we can.

Community Gatherings

Our organization frequently meets for social gatherings and partners with other student org to co-host events and socials.

Startup Trek

We take a trip to New York or San Fransisco every year to meet the top firms, network, and bond as an orginization.

Mentorship Program

We facilitate internal upperclassmen mentorship for new members and encourage interaction between our members and our advisory board.

Source - Fund - Accelerate


We Source Great Companies

Student teams of 2-3 source early stage  companies founded by UM students, alumni, and those who are building great businesses within our network.

Due Diligence 

Teams conduct extensive due diligence with startups, talk to the CEO and team, and create a deal memo for a startup they have conviction for. 

Vote & Pass

All members of the sourcing team review the companies that we have been introduced to and vote to pass them to one of our VC partners or the fund team.

Source - Fund - Accelerate


Startup Consulting

Teams of 3-4 UpRound members work with startups we have funded or believe in to tackle fundraising and growth projects over the semester to take them to the next level.

Our Platform

We built a platform of cloud credits, startups, corporate partnerships, advisors, and investors to provide unparalleled growth opportunities for startups.

The Secret Sauce

When you combine passionate students with a willingness to learn and the village of supporters  we have built over the years, you get the UpRound Advantage.


A Growth Partner

We find startups, provide them with capital or introduce them to people who will, and embed our consultant teams to help them grow, raise money, and enter new markets.


Unparalleled Experience

We provide venture education to new members every semester, while providing a space for students passionate about entrepreneurship to bond, develop, and innovate.


Top Students & Startups

We introduce VC firms to the top students and startups on campus. We find the best startups by funding them ourselves and the best students through our rigorous recruitment process.

Some of our Partners

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